Friday, 27 March 2009

The Task

This week I was inspired to write a long comment or two on a blog which likened the state of information security to the dark ages. There were three main themes to the comments I made:

- I believe that it is not just information security that is trapped in the dark ages. I believe that our grasp of the whole information ecology is at a fork in the road. On the path lies the shadow of a medieval information philosophy on the other the beginning of a struggle towards the light.

- Old concepts, that we have been comfortable with for many centuries, are not servicing us well is the new world. This new world where information lives forever, can be broadcast globally in real time and can be replicated, federated, reused or, in some other novel way, completely re-contextualised.

- That the time to act is now, and that what is preached should be practised.

So time to self administer the poultice and begin, for myself, that struggle towards the light. As most of the ideas I have in mind are not best served by chopping into sound-bite chunks, I thought a home-essay-ists medium like a blog most appropriate. Thus I created this.

The purpose of this blog is largely for making me organise my own thoughts into something approximating a coherent whole then get them out 'there' for critical distance and refinement.

Subjects I hope to cover include

Privacy Vs Secrecy
The landscapes of trust
Shadows, Memory and Echoes
Political boundaries Vs Information Tectonics
Work Vs Play
Pattern vs Content

If they sound of interest, please visit again.

Be seeing you.

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